Growth of Canadian aerospace industry creating job opportunities

Growth of Canadian aerospace industry creating job opportunities

Growth of Canadian aerospace industry creating job opportunities

The Canadian aerospace industry has posted an impressive recovery since the recession, which is creating numerous employment opportunities for those who are qualified.

Aerospace production has been a big source of employment in Canada for years, but when the recession hit, many of these companies needed to cut down on their workforce to navigate the difficult economic times. But these days seem to be over and numerous companies are reporting growth in their economic activity.

Aerospace facilities experience strong demand for maintenance, repair and production of airplanes and helicopters, which means great opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in the industry. In order to be successful, potential candidates need to have the right skills, including math and sciences, in order to get hired.

Quebec back to pre-recession levels
The Hamilton Spectator reported that the aerospace industry in Quebec has recovered to the state it was at before the economic crisis of of 2008. In 2013, there were over 43,500 people employed in the industry, which was 1,000 more than the year prior.

What's even more encouraging for those who are looking to break into the industry is that they could see these opportunities increase in the coming months. Thirty percent of the current workforce is expected to retire from the aerospace industry over the next 15 years, creating a massive hole that will need to be filled.

"If you compare to 2008, we're back to even more than where we were back then, so that's good news," said Executive Director of Aero Montreal Suzanne Benoit according to the news source.

Opportunities across Canada
Fortunately, these opportunities continue to crop up around the country. The Globe and Mail reported that Finance Minister Mike de Jong is expected to earmark around $5 million to help the aerospace sector grow in British Columbia.

This will surely help create more employment opportunities for aerospace technicians, which is great news for those who are willing to put in the time to attain the necessary skills.